Amplifier Bose Powershare 602P

The PS602P is a 2-channel portable amplifier that allows its total 600 watts to be shared across both outputs. Independently control the output level, EQ, and low-impedance/high-impedance (Low-Z/Hi-Z) settings for each output. Onboard configurable loudspeaker processing eliminates the need for an additional signal processor in many installations, while outstanding audio performance and reliability are assured with patented technologies inherited from the field-proven PowerMatch line. This unique set of features and technologies makes PowerShare one of the most versatile high-performance amplifiers available.

Applications :
1. Performing arts venues
2. Houses of worship
3. Conference centers
4. Retail stores
5. Restaurants and bars
6. Hospitality venues

Technical Summary

Amplifier power : 2 x 300 W
Maximum power per channel : 600 W @ 4-8 , 70/100V
Input channels : 2 unbalanced, 2 balanced
Outputs : 2

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Amplifier Bose Powershare 602P

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